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Five great Dominica Diving sites

Dominica is rightly known as the best dive location in the Caribbean, and one of the best in the world. We pick five of our favourite dive site in the waters around the nature island:

 1: Dangleben’s Pinnacles

Depth: 35-80ft

Description: A fantastic maze formed from five pinnacles, covered with yellow sea fans and black coral. These cone formation are of varying shares and sizes with rocky outcroppings covered sponges, rods and crinoidsl

Fish: Jacks, tuna, longsnout seahorses, creole wrasse, yellow tail snappers, turtles, barracuda.

2: Crater’s Edge

Depth: 32-130ft

Description: A not to be missed chance to dive inside an extinct volcano cone, in waters on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Fish: Schools of black margate, black jack, tuna, rainbow runners, yellowtail snapper, Creole wrasse, blue and brown chromis, barracuda.

3: L’Abym (The Abyss)

Depth: from 15ft down, down, down to a mile and a half

Description: A seemingly bottomless and coral covered wall.

Fish: seahorses, soldierfish, scorpion fish, copper sweepers, mackerel, jawfish, tuna and barracuda. The occasional manta ray or turtle too.

4: Champagne

Depth: 3-80ft

Description: Champagne Reef gets its name from the bubbles produced from the underwater hot springs, known as fumaroles, and divers (or snorkellers) swim in a never ending stream of bubbles escaping from the sea floor to the surface. it’s particularly spectacular at night, when you’ll be joined by giant crabs and lobsters.

Fish: seahorses, squirrel fish, frogfish, flying gurnards, squid; huge crabs and lobsters common at night

5: Rodney’s Rock

Depth: Max 50ft

Description: A shallow dive with patches of sand and seagrass that provides some of the best chances to discover a wealth of underwater creatures, from seahorses to snake eels.

Fish: Seahorses, frogfish, spiny and slipper lobster, crabs, morays, urchins, sea cucumbers, stingrays, spotted snake eels, batfish, grunts and snapper.

Diving while staying at the Fort Young couldn’t be easier. We have our own fully equipped dive shop on site; and the dive boats leave direct from our own jetty next to the restaurants each day.

We always have a range of dive packages available, such as the All Inclusive Dive Package, the 5 Night Dive Package, and the 7 night dive package.