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Zemi Spa

Please note, the Zemi Spa is temporarily being renovated and will be completed for guest use in 2019. In-room and balcony spa treatments are still available during this time. For questions, you may reach us at or 767-448-5000.

Fort Young Hotel’s water-front Zemi Spa is a nurturing space to revitalise and recharge your spirits through a series of signature massages and treatments, all of which combine ancient wisdom with the latest spa techniques from around the world. Zemi was the name given to the spirits worshiped by the Igneri, Arawak-speaking people—the island’s first inhabitants prior to the Europeans’ arrival. Through the Zemi, often symbolised by conch shells or stone idols, the Igneri communed their natural and spiritual worlds; and, at the Zemi Spa, our specialists do precisely the same.

Dominica’s Nature Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage techniques applied with unique Dominican rhythms.

45 min – $74 USD
80 min – $120 USD

Waitikubuli Hot Stone Massage

Waitikubuli is the Kalinago translation of “tall is her body.” In this treatment, enjoy the relaxing movement of hot stones along your back in long, tall strokes

45min – $95 USD
60 min – $135 USD

Adventure Seekers Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for hikers, divers and adventure seekers.

Full Body:
45 min – $90 USD
80 min – $130 USD

20 min (deep pressure) – $50 USD
40 min – $80 USD

Tropical Blend Massage

This treatment incorporates Swedish techniques, hot stone, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage, focusing on the areas where you need it the most.

Full Body: 75 minutes – $140 USD

Mobile Massage

Any massage treatment, enjoyed in the comfort of your own bedroom.

60 min – $150 USD


Soothing Caribbean Manicure

This soft and soothing treatment for your hands includes health-focused grooming of your nails and cuticles, incorporating an olive oil and sweet vanilla sugar exfoliation, hydrating mask and rejuvenating massage.

30 minutes – $30 USD
60 minutes – $45 USD

Rejuvenating Caribbean Pedicure

This fulfilling treatment for your feet includes health-focused grooming of your nails and cuticles, an herbal exfoliation of your choice, a soothing mask and rejuvenating massage:

60 minutes – $45 USD
75 minutes – $60 USD

Add Hot Stones to Manicure or Pedicure: $10 USD

Polish Change: 10 minutes – $10 USD