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As of August 22, 2022, all COVID-19 entry requirements have been lifted; pre-arrival testing for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers and on-arrival testing for symptomatic travelers is no longer required.

The Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort StayWell Program

The Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort’s StayWell Program is based on the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and efficient sanitization measures. The program involves the execution of sanitization practices in an environmentally responsible manner. Moreover, guests are gifted with the ability to fearlessly explore the vastly isolated forests, rivers, beaches and springs of the Nature Island. Dominica’s natural healing powers are experienced through immune-boosting foods and beverages, and, not to mention, wellness experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul. 

Sanitization: All sanitizing chemicals and cleaning agents used at the Fort Young Hotel are environmentally friendly and supplied by our partner, Ecolab International.  Departure rooms undergo systematic sanitization using an electrostatic sprayer to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. Arrival rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with special focus on high touch regions, mattresses and pillows. Linens, washed in warm soapy water, are transported to hotel rooms in sealed bags for added protection. 

Certification: Cleanliness and hygiene assessment and certification by StaySafe Hospitality ensures the hotel exceeds sanitization standards.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: All common areas within the hotel are equipped with touchless hand sanitizer dispensers. This includes the restaurants, pools, elevators, washrooms and waiting areas. 

Car to Hotel Room Check-In: Guests are escorted directly to their sanitized hotel room on arrival. 

Welcome Amenity: A welcome drink containing some of the island’s most cherished immune-boosting ingredients is placed in each room on arrival. The welcome drink is served in sealed containers handled solely by the sanitization experts of the Food & Beverage Department. 

Dining: The restaurants at the Fort Young Hotel and Dive Resort operate on a strict reservation-only policy that perpetuates physical distancing of at least six feet between tables, guests and staff at all times. Tables and all high touch areas are sanitized at thirty-minute intervals and when compromised. Cutlery & glassware are wrapped into clean napkins that are delivered to the kitchen in sealed packages.  Wrapped cutlery is further sanitized by placing on a warm surface. 

Experiences: Guests can coordinate excursions pre-arrival or from the comfort of their hotel room by making direct contact with the concierge desk, using the hotel room phone or personal WhatsApp Messenger. All tours are private and conducted by one driver who also serves as the tour guide. Guests can arrange for pre-packaged meals for all adventures.