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Why Dominica is the Caribbean’s Leading Place to Visit in 2019

The new year is here, which means you’re probably already planning your next vacation. When you want to get away from the mundane, the first thing that might pop into your head is a relaxing yet adventurous retreat. If this is starting to sound familiar, you’re going to want to add Dominica to your 2019 travel bucket list.

Dominica is the most untouched island in the Caribbean, which is why it has been named one of the leading places to visit in 2019. Not convinced yet? Here are four reasons why the beautiful island of Dominica should be your next vacation destination.

Completely Revived Natural Beauty

Locals, visitors and seasoned travelers show love and appreciation for every bit of land on the island—above and below the water. The island is virtually untouched, creating one of the most amazing diving and hiking destinations in the world. In 2017, Hurricane Maria certainly left its mark on the island, but because of Dominica’s rich soil and tropical climate, the island has regenerated with astonishing beauty. Today, it stands as a true sanctuary even after one of the worst storms in Caribbean history.

Adventure Tourism

Material gifts and possessions are a thing of the past. The modern traveler wants something more, resulting in an uprise in adventure tourism in the past few years. People no longer crave luxury goods; they crave experiences that create the kind of memories you tell your grandchildren about again and again. Dominica is the perfect place to create those memories.

Dominica has some of the most incredible diving sites in the world and Fort Young Dive can show you the way. Swim with schools of vibrant fish surrounded by endless amounts of natural coral. Dive through natural phenomenon like untouched caves, volcanic hot springs, and explore shipwrecks dating back to the 18th century. There are unbelievable dive sites surrounding the island, creating endless opportunities to explore.

Climate Resilience

Another trend in travel right now is sustainability. Now, more than ever, nature is in need of nurturing, and travelers are looking for ways to cut their impact without cutting their experiences. Dominica has been following practices of sustainability and clean energy for decades, making it the ideal locale for eco-conscious individuals.

Since Hurricane Maria, the small yet mighty country has since strengthened its efforts to make Dominica the first climate resilient country in the world. In other words, the island is fully dedicated to better prepare for climate change impacts in the future while entirely removing itself from contributing to them further. The pride that the locals have in their land is palpable and the travelers who have the same sustainable missions will be able to soak in the lush landscapes, incredible sea life and unique culture while contributing to the island’s efforts of creating a better future.

A Rich Indigenous Culture

Travelers often want more than just a visit; they want to feel like they are apart of something bigger and something different than they’ve ever experienced before. They want to experience the actual lives of the people that live in the places that they are visiting, not just observe them.

Dominica’s indigenous Kalinago Territory is amongst the most historically-rich locales in all of the Caribbean. Dominica’s first people, the Kalinago—also known as Caribs—settled upon the island thousands of years ago. Today, approximately 3,000 Kalinago people reside within eight villages across their 3,700-acre territory on the east coast of the island. Dominica’s rich indigenous culture is celebrated throughout all times of the year, giving travelers the opportunity to experience the unique way of life firsthand.

*Photo Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

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