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A Q&A With Ken George-Dill of KHATTS on New All-Inclusive, Island-Included Experiences.

We are thrilled to have chatted with Ken George-Dill of KHATTS on how he believes the new All-Inclusive, Island-Included will allow guests to experience more of the island’s unique adventures and excursions. With his over 25 years of experience as a tour operator on Dominica, Ken has the inside knowledge on all the best spots you won’t want to miss. Keep reading below as Ken shares his favorite excursions and hidden gems you will want on your list when you visit Fort Young Hotel.

1. Do you see the new Island-Included package giving guests access to more experiences on the island?

Yes, I believe the Island Included package is very well thought out and gives a variety of options that will provide a great experience for our visitors to the island. Dominica has some of the most unique sites in the Caribbean, and I like to tell visitors that Dominica is the island closest to what the region used to be like a hundred years ago. The options in the Island Included package were specially selected to give visitors to the island a comprehensive overview of the unique features of the island. 

2. What are a few experiences you think guests cannot miss while at Fort Young?

That is a tough question, because there are so many special and unique places in Dominica. Based on my, over 25 years of, experience as a tour operator and from the feedback from my clients, I believe the Ti Tou Gorge and Trafalgar Falls are must-sees for all visitors to Dominica.

3. Do you think guests need to go on excursions to get the full island experience?

Most definitely, the quintessence of the island’s unique features can only be truly experienced by visiting sites like the Ti Tou Gorge, Victoria Falls, Middleham Falls and the internationally famous Boiling Lake.

A visit to the Cabrits National Park in the north will give visitors a glimpse into our Colonial history. Guests visiting the Kalinago Village in the North East will learn about the cultural evolution of those legendary people whose ancestors braved the turbulence of the Atlantic Ocean to establish a new homeland in Dominica. These are among one of many experiences we encourage visitors to partake in to fully understand Dominica’s natural history and  historical, cultural diversity.

4. What are a few of your biggest tips for choosing which excursions you want to do?

Activities are mostly chosen based on interests and preferences after speaking directly to guests. I try to understand what people are interested in and make recommendations based on their preferences and their physical capacities or limitations.

5. Do you suggest doing a combination of land and sea excursions?

Yes, a combination of marine and terrestrial activities is the perfect balance to a visitor’s Dominica’s experience. 

Dominica is rated in the top ten destinations in the world for diving and snorkeling. The island is considered to be the Whale Watching capital of the Eastern Caribbean with over an 80% success rate in whale sighting, with female Sperm Whales being a permanent resident in the waters of Dominica.

Dominica also has some of the most unique and exotic land based activities in the Caribbean that should not be overlooked, including Dominica’s Waitukubuli National Trail, the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean that spans 115 miles long. 

6. Are there wellness excursions offered for guests?

Yes, excursions can be combined with massages, mud and sulfur baths and natural hot springs.

7. What experiences would you recommend for the fearless adventurer?

Without hesitation, The Boiling Lake Hike, which takes you into the rugged heartland of Dominica. The trail passes through a wide range of vegetation and landscapes, rainforest, montane forests and elfin woodlands. From the highest point on the trail you can look across to both sides of the island. In the Valley of Desolation, the landscape changes dramatically, showcasing the island’s volcanic origin. The Boiling Lake attracts visitors from all over the world to witness this natural wonder. 

8. What experiences would you recommend for families with young children?

Children absolutely love swimming up the Ti Tou Gorge, kayaking on the Freshwater Lake, bathing the hot Sulfur Spas, and swimming at the Emerald Pool in the rainforest of the Morne Trois Piton National Park.

9. What is your personal favorite experience to introduce to guests?

Swimming up the Ti Tou Gorge is one of the most exciting, exotic and unique adventures, not only in Dominica but in the Caribbean. 100% of our clients rate the Ti Tou Gorge as one of the most liked and interesting excursions that they have ever done.

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