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Dive In: Fort Young Hotel’s Enhanced Shore Diving Experience

Ocean enthusiasts, prepare to dive into an unparalleled underwater adventure at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort. Set along the storied coastline of Dominica, Fort Young has long been recognized as the island’s premier diving destination. Thanks to recent expansions and upgrades, shore diving here has reached new depths of excitement and accessibility. Let’s explore the latest enhancements and what makes shore diving at Fort Young a must-experience activity for any diving aficionado.

Stepping off the Dock

From the moment guests set foot on Fort Young’s extended dock, it’s clear why this spot is celebrated as the best place to dive in Dominica. The hotel’s proximity to the water is just the beginning. The recent upgrades include a revamped jetty, expanded dive shop space, enhanced gear rooms and the island’s only fully-equipped training and photo room, all designed to make your diving experience both seamless and unforgettable.

Unlimited Access to Underwater Wonders

Fort Young Hotel is uniquely positioned as the only hotel in Dominica offering shore diving directly from its premises. With the All-Inclusive, Island-Included package or Dive Getaway package, guests can dive at their leisure, exploring the vibrant coral reefs teeming with life just below the surface. Whether you’re beginning your dive from the hotel’s private dock or descending 30+ feet into the turquoise waters, the Caribbean’s underwater world comes alive with colorful coral, tropical fish, and fascinating marine creatures.

Explore Man-Made House Reefs

A highlight of shore diving at Fort Young is the chance to discover the hotel’s network of man-made house reefs. These structures, part of a coral regeneration project, are home to a variety of sea animals, including spider crabs, squatting shrimps, eels, and juvenile fish. Keep an eye out for the rare flying gurnards and batfish that inhabit these reefs.

Prioritizing Safety & Sustainability

At Fort Young, safety is paramount. Our dive operation follows rigorous safety standards, with all equipment maintained to international standards and all staff trained and certified to ensure a safe diving environment. We are also dedicated to environmental conservation, always adhering to sustainable diving practices, including responsible diver behavior, reef-friendly protocols, and proper waste disposal — all to minimize the impact on our marine ecosystem.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, our team is ready to provide you with a diving experience like none other. Come join us at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort and discover the magic beneath the sea surface. 

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