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Dominica Insider’s Tips from 3 Island Locals

Get ready to explore Dominica like a true local, as we reveal our favorite hangouts, hidden gems, untouched beaches, and a wealth of secrets you won’t find in travel brochures. Forget what you thought you knew about Dominica. With our insider tips, you’re about to see the island in an entirely new light. Buckle up and let’s get started.

What are some hidden gems in Dominica that visitors should explore?

A must explore are the hot springs, waterfalls, including Jacko Falls and Trafalgar Falls, plus the second largest boiling lake in the world. These are the places I find that make us a unique island. – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

The glassy pool trail in Boetica, Victoria Falls and Jacko Falls are a must visit. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

You can’t miss the Boiling Lake, Middleham Falls, and the Emerald Pool.  – Fania, Villa Host 

What are some off-the-beaten-path hiking trails or nature spots that offer stunning views or unique experiences?

One of the most exciting hiking trails is Segment 10, starting in the heights of Colihaut and ending in the Syndicate forest. While walking one has access to fruits, fresh drinking water and spotting parrots in the nature along with stunning mountainous views.  – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

Some of the spots that offer stunning views or unique experiences  are Cold Soufriere, Cabrits National Park and Scott’s Head – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

Segment 13 is always a great option for hiking off the beaten path! – Fania, Villa Host 

Are there any local dishes that visitors must try while in Dominica?

Anyone visiting Dominica should try a traditional breakfast. With bread fruit, green bananas, johnny cakes [bakes], saltfish, garden salad, avocado and a cup of cocoa tea. – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

Local dishes that shouldn’t be missed while in Dominica are roast breadfruit and codfish, Titiwi Accra, roast bakes, crab & Callaloo soup. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

Trying Dominica’s traditional breakfast is a must complete with Accra, cassava, Breadfruit and Saltfish. – Fania, Villa Host 

What is your favorite beach or swimming spot on the island, and why do you recommend it?

Douglas Bay in Portsmouth! The water is clear and the sea is calm in this area with lovely dark sand for a unique color combination on the shores.  – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

My favorite beach or swimming spot on the island is Coconut Beach which is located in Portsmouth. This beach is private and simple, almost like a getaway from the busy world. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

My favorite beach has to be Secret Beach. Little compares to the view on a sunny day and its beautiful water. – Fania, Villa Host 

Are there any traditional arts and crafts or local souvenirs that tourists should consider purchasing to support the local community?

A good local souvenir for purchase is one of the local baskets, made by our very own indigenous Kalinago people. Whether for your laundry or your jewelry they have all sizes. – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

Kalinago territory is where most traditional local arts and crafts are still practiced. I highly recommended heading to this area to purchase any crafts or souvenirs. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

I suggest taking home some baskets chapeau pie or necklace from the Kalinago people  – Fania, Villa Host 

Which is your favorite season or time of year to visit Dominica, and what activities or events make it special?

The busiest and most exciting time on island is during our independence celebrations from October to November, every November third. During this time you get the chance to learn about the culture and celebration of creole cooking. – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

My favorite season is Carnival,which is a pre-lenten event. The activities and events that lead up to this event are what makes this time of the year so special. You can enjoy calypso shows, mingle in different villages and enjoy traditional cuisine. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

Independence Season is by far the best time! There are a wide variety of activities for any visitor or local to unwind and experience the culture.  – Fania, Villa Host 

What are the top excursions first-time visitors should partake in?

Top excursions for first time visitors should be going to a waterfall, visiting a hot spring and doing some snorkeling. – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

If it’s your first time in Dominica check out Trafalgar falls, Cold Soufriere, Titou Gorge, and Indian River. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host

New visitors to Dominica should visit Titou Gorge, snorkel at Champagne Bubble Beach. Plus, don’t forget about visiting the chocolate factory for anyone with a sweet tooth. – Fania, Villa Host 

What advice would you give to first-time visitors to Dominica to ensure they have an authentic and memorable experience on the island?

Special advice to anyone visiting the island for the first time, is that one must lay aside their professional life for a while and just come to enjoy nature at its best. – Ryan Pierre-Louis, Taxi Operator 

My advice to first time visitors to Dominica if they want to have an authentic and memorable experience on the island is don’t stay in one place for too long. Keep yourself active and explore all the hidden gems that Dominica has to offer. – Keldon Toussaint, Villa Host.

Don’t hold back, indulge!! – Fania, Villa Host 

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