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Dominica’s Whale Watching Season Starts Now: 3 Things to Know

Did you know Dominica is home to two-thirds of all known whale species, making it one of the best locales in the world to see these majestic cetaceans? As of November 13, this fact has taken on even deeper meaning as the island announced the creation of a marine-protected area for sperm whales in our royal blue waters — making it the first of its kind in the world

This means the start of an exciting whale watching season here in Dominica, and we’re thrilled to open our guests’ eyes to the many wonders of this pod paradise. Here are three things you need to know before you go. 

1. Hundreds of Sperm Whales Call Dominica Home

Dominica is home to around 35 families of sperm whales, totaling close to 500 whales. These incredible, intelligent animals don’t migrate far and spend most of their time right off our shores. Now they have nearly 300 square miles of protected habitat to feed, nurse calves and go about key life activities safely.

2. Dominica’s Whales Are Unique

Our resident sperm whales have some intriguing quirks not seen in other populations. Research shows they may defecate more than whales elsewhere, having an outsized impact on drawing down atmospheric carbon. They also use distinct “codas” of clicks to communicate their Dominican identity. And our researchers have given many affectionate names like “Fruit Salad” and “Snow.”

3. Responsible Whale Watching Opportunities Exist

Visitors can still go whale watching under regulated conditions that prevent disturbance. We highly encourage guests to come witness these amazing creatures first-hand, hear their codas and maybe even spot a new calf! Simply inquire about whale watching tours and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family.

As Dominica’s whales receive new protections, this is the perfect time to visit and create lasting memories with some of nature’s greatest creatures. Contact us to learn more about scheduling a whale watching adventure during your Dominican getaway.

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