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Fort Young Hotel Earns Second Consecutive Green Globe Certification

Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort is thrilled to announce that it has been re-certified with the prestigious Green Globe Certification for the second year in a row. This remarkable achievement solidifies Fort Young’s commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious hospitality, making it the second property in Dominica, shared with our sister property Secret Bay,  to attain this esteemed recognition. We are proud to share our ongoing journey towards a greener future and our dedication to creating an exceptional guest experience that combines luxury with environmental responsibility.

Our Eco-Friendly Initiatives

At Fort Young Hotel, we take great pride in making sustainability a natural extension of our guest experience. We continue to implement eco-friendly practices that not only benefit our guests but also our beautiful island and local communities. Here are some of the key initiatives highlighted in our Green Globe Certification:

  • Garbage Sorting Program: We have established a comprehensive waste sorting program with specific bins to make waste categorization easier for guests and staff alike.
  • Waste Education: We are passionate about educating both our guests and staff on responsible waste disposal, emphasizing reuse and recycling to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Zero-Waste Food Production: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our food production, where we have implemented a zero-waste approach.
  • Reducing Plastic Waste: In our efforts to minimize plastic waste, we have introduced in-room glass water pitchers, reducing the need for plastic water bottles.
  • Waste Monitoring: We have implemented a waste management monitoring system to track and improve our resource consumption.

A Glimpse Into Our Recent Remodel and Amenities

In addition to our re-certification, we are excited to share our recent renovations and the introduction of new amenities that help bring the history of Fort Young Hotel to life through the preservation of original architecture and cultural exhibits.  

  • Fort Collection: We’ve added 60 new guest rooms, named the Fort Collection, inspired by 17th-century creole architecture and featuring modern luxuries with a touch of history and local culture.
  • Marquis Bar and Lounge: Step back in time within the historic barracks, now transformed into a unique bar and lounge.
  • Museum Café: Immerse yourself in history at our sunken café, showcasing the fort’s timeline and offering local Dominican coffee and pastries.
  • Old Oven Art Gallery: Explore local art exhibitions and enjoy intimate events in this gallery, which also features the original brick oven and a skylight.
  • Rum and Wine Cellar: Discover a wide selection of local and international rums and wines in our unique cellar, once prison cells.
  • Work & Play Hub: Our multipurpose rooms are perfect for work meetings, card games, video gaming, and more, all with state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Courtyard Lounge and Outdoor Play Area: Relax and play in our courtyard lounge with oversized chess, ping pong, and more outdoor activities.
  • Auditorium and Rooftop Wellness Garden (coming soon): We are adding an auditorium and a rooftop garden for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Diving Experience Enhancement

Supporting and preserving the marine life in Dominica is an important factor in sustainability at Fort Young Hotel. As a top 10 diving destination in the world, Dominica is home to some of the best diving across the globe, showcasing rugged pinnacles, drop-offs and abyss depths, along with a dynamic seascape of forested coral gardens, vibrant sponge life, seahorses, frogfish, flying gurnards and much more. A true natural wonder, Dominica boasts Champagne Reef, a result of bubbles rising up through the sand from underwater hot springs — all evidence of the island’s volcanic origins. 

While diving has always been a hallmark of Fort Young Hotel’s offering, with its new boats, the resort can now accommodate larger groups and also lead whale watching excursions. These expanded operations will allow for increased education about local marine life and provide a sustainable way for guests to explore the underwater world of Dominica while supporting the local community and economy. 

Green Globe Certification: A Testament to Our Commitment

We are honored to have received our Green Globe Certification for the second year, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and the positive impact we aim to make on Dominica and its communities. We can’t wait to welcome you to our refreshed and eco-conscious paradise.

Book your stay with us and experience the best of Dominica while making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

To learn more about Green Globe standards and criteria, visit their website.

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