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Built to protect the island, Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort has always commanded a position like no other. Located in Roseau, Dominica’s capital and only “downtown,” it sits in the main marina with the ferry port and market just a minute’s walk from its entrance. Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort has ideal exposure to Dominica’s vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and activity in the marina, yet affords its guests a luxurious sense of seclusion. From your room’s balcony, the sights and sounds of the capital vanish, replaced by the gentle lapping of waves and endless expanse of the sea and sky.

Destination: Dominica

Getting Here

Dominica is served by two airports: Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM) and Canefield Airport (DCF). Most visitors will arrive through Douglas-Charles, which is the the larger of the two and accommodates commercial airlines, located approximately 55 minutes from the capital city of Roseau. Canefield Airport, 15 minutes from Roseau, primarily facilitates courier services.

International flights from the U.S. and Europe connect to the island via surrounding hubs in:

Antigua (ANU)
Barbados (BGI)
St. Maarten (SXM)

Puerto Rico (SJU)
Guadeloupe (PTP)
Martinique (FDF)



While Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort’s peerless location and natural environment are amenities in and of themselves, we offer an array of luxuries to enhance your stay. Whether you wish to relax in our infinity pool and jacuzzi, indulge in an in-room relaxation massage, partake in a strengthening yoga class or embark upon a day of underwater adventure, with all gear available at our Dive Shop, your stay at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort is bound to be full.


From the moment you and your family arrives at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort, we can ensure a Dominican holiday to treasure forever. The hotel features several adjoining rooms to accommodate larger families, as well as child-friendly meals offered in all restaurants and cafes. Additionally, Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort offers a myriad of activities to appeal to those of all ages, including whale watching, snorkeling, gentle hikes and more. We pride ourselves on accommodating the needs of each family in our care, so you are sure to leave Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort with countless memories, made together.


Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort evokes an unrivaled ambiance of romance that is both inherent to its setting and fulfilled by the hotel’s curated services. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, honeymoon or wedding, Fort Young Hotel will go above and beyond to cater to you and yours. Unwind with an in-room couple’s treatment or adventure into the rainforest to bathe in a natural spa. After a day of both exploration and respite, indulge in cocktails and dinner at the illustrious Palisades Restaurant. Your opportunities in pursuit of passion are endless.

Business Events

Boasting a unique location in the heart of the capital with idyllic sea views, Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort provides an inspirational setting for anyone wishing to conduct business in Dominica. Located in the marina and an hour’s drive away from the main airport, the hotel is situated in both a convenient and stunning locale. Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort has the widest range of spaces available for meetings in all of Dominica, from the largest meeting space on the island (complete with dedicated secretariat), to intimate boardrooms and waterfront private dining.

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The opportunities for exploration around Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort, and throughout the Nature Island, are limitless. Whether you scour Dominica’s volcanic shallows for colourful fish or Roseau’s vibrant Saturday Farmer’s Market for fresh local fruit, the island offers rich rewards for every explorer. Some guests spend all day unearthing the natural and cultural wonders of Dominica and unwind with delicious fare, live music and the comforts of home away from home by night.


Island Hopping

Once you’ve arrived to the Nature Island, it’s likely you will not want to leave. Dominica offers ceaseless experiences and memories to be made; however, if you wish to island hop, Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort is a mere one minute walk from the ferry terminal. Here, you can board a 300 or 400 seat catamaran and travel just one hour amongst the islands of Guadeloupe, St. Lucia and Martinique. Our concierge is happy to arrange tickets and offer recommendations for what to do and see while visiting our neighbours.


Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort embraces a rich and soulful history that reinforces the hotel’s welcoming and homely ambiance. While the hotel first opened in 1964, the land upon which it sits dates back to 1699. Having evolved from a military fort to a central police station and, presently, a hotel, the land has been inundated with an undeniable sense of character; a colorful and cultural vibrancy that defines Fort Young Hotel.


Dominica is one of the most coveted destinations worldwide for diving; and, Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort just so happens to sit moments away from the island’s wide array of sites. Our dive concierge accommodates both beginners and deep sea thrill-seekers, offering matchless access to, as we say, the wonder of down under.

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