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The Dive Resort You Can’t Help But Tell Your Closest Friends About

The Times | Published on: September 7, 2023

Nigel Tisdall of The Times has traveled to hundreds of hotels across the Caribbean and is officially letting his readers in on his top choices he would tell his closest friends about. On the top of the list is Fort Young Hotel, praised as a “Brilliant billet for diving.”

Fort Young is an ideal base for discovering the super-scenic island. There’s a private pier with dive boats that can take you to see the resident sperm whales and “island-included” packages combining yoga and massages with daily adventures from spearing lionfish to hiking to a thundering waterfall. Masterfully styled with bold colours and oversized historic maps, all 40 rooms have a sea-view balcony; a further 60 open on November 1 as part of a £14 million upgrade.”

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