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The Daily Telegraph Highlights Fort Young Hotel’s All-Inclusive, Island-Included Offering

Travel publication The Daily Telegraph highlights Fort Young Hotel’s All-Inclusive, Island-Included offering as a successful program bringing the island directly to guests sharing the headline: The Whole Island is an Outdoor Playground. The article further details experiences on each island excursion and how the Fort Young All-Inclusive, Island-Included offering is a one of a kind island experience, making waves for the traditional all-inclusive hotel model. “It wasn’t the kind of day you’d expect at an all-inclusive hotel. Instead of lounging by the pool and eating at a buffet, my son and I were exploring a wild world of cascades and canyons after a delectable local meal of fish with beans and rice at a small cafe.”

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During your stay at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort, you’re bound to explore the island and its many culinary delights. From grab-and-go street food vendors to sit-and-stay-a-while upscale eateries, great food is in abundance in Dominica.  While we certainly encourage our guests to venture beyond the resort to satiate their taste buds, we’re pleased […]

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One thing nearly all Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort guests have in common is a thirst for adventure. Our guests truly want to experience Dominica with all of their senses—to see, feel, taste, hear, smell something new, exciting, or different from their day-to-day life. Fortunately, during your stay here, you won’t have to venture […]

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Fort Young Hotel welcomes visitors from around the world to experience Dominica’s rich culture. And while much of our guests’ experiences are centered on Dominica, we love being able to pay homage to our guests by weaving in global influence with our local flair.  With an impressive background in Italian, modern-fusion, Indian, and Arabic cuisine, […]

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