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5 Local Gems to Remember Your Fort Young Stay

As your stay at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort draws to a close, consider taking a piece of Dominica home with you. While you can’t pack up the island’s stunning beauty, you can bring back locally made items that capture its essence. From goodies right here at Fort Young to local treats and indigenous creations, here are five gifts to remember your time here — or give to the ones you love at home. 

Local Rum & Treats

First up, make sure to visit the Fort Young Rum & Wine Cellar and Retail Shop. Whether you’re looking for a bottle of rum to remind you of Dominica’s flavors or a unique gift, our shop has a variety of options to stock up on. 

Handmade Soaps

Next, consider getting your hands on handmade soaps made right here in Dominica. Local artisan producers uses a simple process with natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil and essential oils. These soaps are a small, easy way to bring the smells and sensations of the island back home with you.

Cocoa Sticks

For a taste of the local breakfast tradition, grab some cocoa sticks. They’re made by farmers who process the cocoa beans by hand. Used to make cocoa tea, a warm, chocolatey drink that’s a favorite in the morning, these sticks are a simple way to share a piece of Dominican culinary tradition.

Hot Pepper Sauce

Dominican cuisine often includes a bit of heat, thanks to the popular hot pepper sauce. Made from local peppers, vinegar, and spices, this sauce adds a kick to any meal. It’s a versatile gift that can spice up dishes back home and remind you of the flavors during your time here.

Kalinago Baskets

Lastly, consider picking up a Kalinago basket. These are handwoven by the indigenous Kalinago people using traditional methods and materials. Each basket is unique, making them special gifts that support local craftsmanship and culture.

Besides the Fort Young shop, you can find these items and more around Roseau’s bayfront and Old Market from local vendors. Keep your memories of Dominica alive and share them with others!

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