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Bird Watching

Witness Dominica’s Rare Birds

Accompany the island’s leading birders and ornithologists for an insider’s look at Dominica’s vibrant avian paradise. A guided nature hike will take you deep into the rainforest to observe and learn about the beautiful and seldom-seen birds which call the Nature Island home. Dominica is home to more than 170 species of birds including Blue-headed Hummingbirds, Ruddy Quail-doves, Caribbean Elanias, Blue-headed Euphonia, Lesser Antillean Flycatchers, Pearly-eyed Thrashers and two parrots which are endemic to the island.

Sisserou Parrot

Dominica’s national bird is the Sisserou Parrot (also known as the Imperial Amazon Parrot). It is the largest of all Amazonian parrots, reaching 30 inches long and can live to be 70 years old.

The Jaco Parrot

While slightly smaller than the Sisserou Parrot, the Jaco Parrot is actually easier to spot, especially in the Syndicate area in the north of the island. Jacos can often be seen with their mates, as they pair for life.

Dominica’s Migratory Birds

The island’s high verdant peaks make the island a favourite stopping off place for migratory birds. Birders flock from around the world for the chance to see some of the many species that pass through.

Bird Watching