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Swimming With the Whales

The Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort, set along a serene coastline of the Caribbean Sea, brings you the experience of a lifetime, exploring beneath the sea surface alongside the ocean’s greatest and grandest species.

Commonly known as the whale watching capital of the Caribbean, Dominica is the only country in the world the Sperm Whales can be sighted year-round, although sightings are most common between November and March. Juvenile and female sperm whales do not migrate, staying along the island’s coastlines 12 months a year. Mature male sperm whales however do migrate to and from polar regions to Dominica specially to mate.

This phenomenal experience gets you up close and personal with Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) which are the largest predator on earth, reaching up to 70 feet/21 meters long, and weighing 60 tons.

The Resort’s whale counter experience is the ultimate combination of swimming with the whales, morning dives & afternoon land excursions. The perfect getaway.