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Fort Young Celebrated For All-Inclusive, Island-Included In 2021

Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort has been celebrated by publications around the world for its new, unique and novel approach to bringing the island to guests through its All-Inclusive, All-Included package. Fort Young Hotel is paving the way for Dominica, showing travelers a truly immersive island experience that not only includes top services, but also includes the island’s culture and traditions. Continue reading to see some of our top headlines from 2021. 


The Caribbean Journal celebrates Fort Young Hotel’s newest All-Inclusive offering as “A New Kind of Caribbean Vacation” in their most recent article sharing insight into the various island excursions available to guests.


Hotels Above Par recent article titled, Small Unique Hotels to Visit, showcases Fort Young Hotel as a seaside property tucked cliffside you don’t want to miss. The article praises the oceanfront location and highlights the properties’ culture traditions such as steel drums at sunset. 


Upscale luxury publication Industry Magazine recently featured Fort Young Hotel in an article highlighting the marriage of natural wonder and extreme luxury on the island of Dominica. Industry writes: “Fort Young has been a pioneer in Dominica’s tourism industry, best known for its world class diving and whale and dolphin watching… Just a one minute walk from the marina and with its own dive shop, Fort Young is perfectly poised for underwater adventures.”


I News shares top Caribbean Holiday Destinations, naming Dominica as a top destination and highlighting Fort Young Hotel’s new Island-Included program as bringing sustainable tourism into Dominica.


Metro has highlighted Dominica as an Island to add to your “Green Watch-List” that not only has a beach offering, but also has cultural importance. The article features Fort Young Hotel as the hotel of choice on Dominica with it’s All-Inclusive, Island-Included package as an opportunity to experience all the island has to offer.


Travel publication The Daily Telegraph highlights Fort Young Hotel’s All-Inclusive, Island-Included offering as a successful program bringing the island directly to guests sharing the headline: The Whole Island is an Outdoor Playground. The article further details experiences on each island excursion and how the Fort Young All-Inclusive, Island-Included offering is a one of a kind island experience, making waves for the traditional all-inclusive hotel model. “It wasn’t the kind of day you’d expect at an all-inclusive hotel. Instead of lounging by the pool and eating at a buffet, my son and I were exploring a wild world of cascades and canyons after a delectable local meal of fish with beans and rice at a small cafe.”


The Luxury Report features Fort Young Hotel & Dive for it’s “truly all-inclusive experience” that not only ecompasses all the joys of the resort, but also of the island. The article further highlights the various excursions for guests, noting the new model will also support the local community at large.


The Daily Telegraph features Fort Young Hotel & Dive as one of ten exciting adventure trips that will get you outside and active. The publication writes about the various excursions available through Fort Young Hotel’s newest All-Inclusive, Island-Included offering. 


Travel Weekly highlights Dominica’s Fort Young Hotel’s newest All-inclusive offering as the first of its kind on the island. Further sharing the program aims to support the local community by bringing together local tour providers and food and beverage outlets to give guests a chance to have a more local experience.


In the Washington Post article, Four Resort Destinations That Rebounded After Natural Disasters To Be Better, Safer And Greener Than Before, Fort Young Hotel is highlighted as one of the most well equipped and largest hotels on the island. Fort Young Hotel suffered significant damage, yet took the opportunity to rebuild sustainably with the local community in mind.

We’re looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Fort Young Hotel and Dive in 2022. If you, too, are ready to take the leap to the Caribbean’s top hotel, email us at to jumpstart your journey to the Nature Island.

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