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21 Ways to Reconnect with Nature in 2021

Immersing oneself in nature has immense benefits for the mind, body and soul — from natural stress relief to readily accessible exercise. And what better place to reconnect with nature than during a stay on the Nature Island? Here are 21 ways to reconnect with nature — and, subsequently, yourself — in 2021 at Fort Young Hotel.

1. Digging your toes into the Earth.

An ancient practice called “grounding” involves touching your bare feet to sand, dirt, grass or another natural surface to connect yourself to the Earth’s energy.

2. Stargazing over the Caribbean Sea.

There are two things almost guaranteed to make you feel in awe of how vast our world is: the never-ending sea and sky.

3. Hiking to Middleham Falls.

The grand 200-foot waterfall can be accessed via a 45-minute hike, surrounded by lush greenery. 

4. Snorkeling around the Fort Young Hotel dock.

Steps away from your hotel room, you can fasten on a snorkeling mask and get a glimpse of the wide world under the sea.

5. Trekking along the Waitukubuli Trail.

Extending from the top of Dominica to the bottom, this 185-kilometer (114-mile) trail can be trekked in its entirety over a couple of weeks or accessed via various starting points for shorter day hikes.

6. Horseback riding through natural terrain.

Along the sandy beaches or up hills through the trees, a guided horseback riding tour will grant you a different perspective of the island.

7. Canyoning through the depths of Dominica. 

Rappel through canyons and discover a unique view of rainforests and waterfalls above in this thrilling way to connect with nature.

8. Practicing yoga overlooking the ocean.

Sometimes, just the proximity to nature will do. We offer private yoga classes on the Sky Terrace, overlooking the sea and hillsides.  

9. Strolling along the beach at sunset.

Toes in the sand, wading through the warm water, gazing out at the sun dipping below the horizon — nature’s romance at its best.

10. Enjoying fresh produce & herbs.

One of nature’s best gifts is food. Enjoy just-harvested produce in its purest form or freshly made meals using local ingredients during your stay.

11. Setting out on a whale watching excursion.

Seeing these incredible creatures up close and personal is a beautiful way to reconnect with the parts of nature you definitely don’t see every day. 

on expedition, February 2013, scuba diving and snorkeling with sperm whales in Dominica, whales under license from Dominica Fisheries, #RP-01/013 SW-1, License good February 7-14, 2013

12. Scuba diving through the deep open sea.

Dominica is a paradise for scuba diving. During a day trip or a more exhilarating night dive, you might catch glimpses of sea turtles, giant barracudas, stingrays and more.

13. Going deep sea fishing.

Arrange a fishing trip with our activities desk to catch tropical fish from bonito to mackerel to marlin to tuna.

14. Embarking on a sea turtle watching tour.

Between May and October, you might even catch sea turtles nesting or hatching along the beaches of Dominica.

15. Simply being in the forest.

Another ancient practice, forest bathing consists of just being alone with nature. Put down your phone and other distractions and take a stroll through the trees. Take note of how you experience your surroundings with all senses.

16. Looking up and out for tropical birds.

Whether on a guided bird watching tour or out on your own adventure, you might spot any of Dominica’s 170+ species of birds.

17. Lounging on your hotel balcony.

Looking out at the sea, feeling the tropical breeze and smelling the fragrant air can be a healing experience in itself.

18. Bathing in the warm sunshine.

Lying on a beach towel or chair with the warm sunshine beating down on you, is truly restorative.

19. Soaking in a therapeutic hot spring.

Not far from Fort Young Hotel, you can find nature’s healing water — natural hot springs — for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak.

20. Inner tubing or paddle boating down the river.

Hop on a vessel and take a leisurely tour down the nearby Roseau River or the farther away Indian River.

21. Simply taking a walk.

Tie up your walking shoes and simply see where your feet lead you. Take in your surroundings, see what calls to you and embrace being in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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